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Durham Collaborative Framework

The Durham Collaborative Framework (DCFW) is an approach to cross-sectoral operations that will lead to improved collaboration amongst the agencies, organizations, and services supporting children, youth and families in Durham Region.


A key element of this framework is the Durham Collaborative Planning Process (DCPP) and Collaborative Care Plan.  This is a cross-organization / cross-sector care planning process that leads to a single, shared, plan of care for children, youth and families.


The DCFW is supported by formal and informal service and support providers in Durham Region, who are working collaboratively to improve child and youth mental health and addiction services in the region.


This framework builds on, formalizes, and enhances collaborative work that is already occurring in the community. It is aligned with community and system approaches to care and service delivery. This framework is directly linked to other collaborative initiatives occurring in Durham, such as the Durham’s Children and Youth Planning Network.


The Durham Collaborative Framework was locally developed, and is locally owned. The components, processes, principles, and structure reflect the perspective of multiple voices and diverse stakeholders from across the community of Durham Region.


If you are a service provider interested in learning more about the Durham Collaborative Framework, click here to send an email that will be forwarded to the DCFW Coordinator.


If you are a child, youth or parent who is interested in accessing this process and you are connected to a local service provider, you can speak with your service provider about this process.