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Governance Action Group

The Governance Action Group is committed to building the structure for a cohesive, collaborative planning network including Terms of Reference.  In addition, the engagement of community stakeholders will be a key focus of this action group.

In year one, we will create a new community planning structure and this will be approved by membership of the DCYPN.  In addition, we are committed to achieving a 40% increase in membership to the DCYPN.

In year two, we will strive to increase Network membership by 40% and will work on developing a model for including families and youth.

In year three, a Strategic Planning process will be implemented from which goals and strategies for next 3 – 5 years will be identified.


Letter of Support

As part of the work of the Governance Action Group, a process for providing Letters of Support has been endorsed. The Durham’s Children and Youth Planning Network’s Transition Committee will consider providing letters of support for ideas that address a current gap in our community. The Transition Committee will base its decision on the strength of the submission’s alignment with the mission, vision, values and commitments of Durham’s Children and Youth Planning Network.  In particular, the Transition Committee’s decision was based on the alignment in the following areas:

  • The work of Durham’s Children and Youth Planning Network.
  • Evidence informed or evidence based practices.
  • Supporting community service provider capacity building.


The application to apply for a letter of support can be accessed here.



If you are interested in joining this Action Group, please click here to send us an email.